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Xcel Bowl is just one part of a bigger project run by Towy Community Church

More than just a bowling alley

Xcel Bowl is about more than just bowling. We love Carmarthen and the people who live here. We wanted to create something to help Carmarthen thrive! So we came up with Xcel Project. At its centre a Bowling Alley, bringing jobs and investment into Carmarthen as well as a community gathering space. All our profits go towards supporting local people in need through Carmarthen Foodbank, Community Money Advice, and Xcel Furniture and Community Shop.

Xcel Furniture & Community Shop

Xcel Furniture is a non-profit furniture recycling centre and community shop behind the bowling alley. They collect, recycle and sell second-hand furniture and white goods as well as many other unique finds and gifts.

All the proceeds from Xcel Furniture go towards the Xcel Project. As part of the Xcel Project they give away some items of furniture to local people experiencing crises.  

Carmarthen Foodbank

Xcel Bowl helps support Carmarthen Foodbank. Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. A simple box of food makes a big difference, with foodbanks helping prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems.

Community Money Advice 

Xcel Bowl helps support Community Money Advice. They offer free money and debt advice, that is impartial, confidential and based on your individual circumstances. They will work with you to look at money management and help decide the best options for solving your financial or debt issues.

To find out more about all our Xcel Projects please visit. 

Towy Community Church

Xcel Bowl has been set up and run by Towy Community Church. They want to help people living in Carmarthenshire believe in Jesus and experience his life-saving life-changing power.

At Towy Community Church we believe everyone has a life worth living, a hope and a purpose. There are a whole host of opportunities to engage with, from mothers and baby groups, kids church and youth, to courses exploring the meaning of life and faith.

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