At Xcel Bowl we have one of the most up to date scoring systems on the market. We run a system called BES X which delivers more fun, more ways to socialise and more competitive excitement – while making bowling easier, more comfortable and relaxing for people of all ages. BES X delivers the following new exciting and cutting edge options:

Your Lane Your Way
This gives you the freedom to select your favourite graphical environment or on-lane game, right from the bowler console. Go ahead and explore and try them all. Check out one of our exciting and fun environments like Classic, Bubble Gum, Sports or play one of our engaging games like Lucky Train, Strike Challenge, Lane Lotto, Poker or Sledge Hammer. You might even try one of our 8 classic games to satisfy your traditional bowling needs.

Exclusive New YouToons!

Step inside the game. Just take a picture of yourself from the bowler console. Then BES X does the rest. YouToons! merges your images into the scoring animations, turning you and your friends in to hilarious characters on the screen as you bowl.

HD Signature Grids
This feature lets you use your favourite image as a scoring grid background, or you can take a picture right at the lane with the camera-equipped LCD console. Now you can be a screen star…

Exclusive New Virtual Waiter
Virtual Waiter allows you to order food and drinks from the lane as if a real waiter was always available. Simply touch the console screen to make a video call, a remote waiter takes your order and sends it straight to the kitchen.

Exclusive New Video Intercom
Service at the lanes. With Video Intercom you can make a call, ask a question and communicate with the Customer Service desk via video right from your lane!

Exclusive New Mad Games
Shorter format games that allow you to bowl in a way that is easier to understand, faster to finish and simpler ways to score. Mad Games collection features four new games: Monster Factory, Character Factory, Battle on the Lanes, Bowlin’ Hood.

Innovative NEW Bowler Consoles

These hi-tech, intuitive consoles make the bowling experience fun and relaxing. LED Colour Effects smoothly flash to assist in finding the right lane.